There is no question that without a Messianic / Christian elementary school Israeli kids will lose their faith in their Messiah. The intense pressure imposed on the faith of our kids, in public schools, has already led to a history of some falling away. Ask any pastor in Tel Aviv, if the creation of a faith based school will help families in their congregations and the answer will be overwhelming YES. For believers in the greater Tel Aviv area, there is no faith based option.

A soldier explained the need this way, "You don't send soldiers into a battle without training them first. A Messianic school is like boot camp. Israeli society is a spiritual battle ground and we have to prepare our kids for these battles." Many Israeli believers have lost their kids to a hostile public school system. 

By supporting our school, you can save lives!

The public schools here in the Holy Land teach the Bible, but they are damaging the faith of our children by the manner in which they are teaching it. Israel is a modern country, which tries to balance secular and religious beliefs. In public schools, studying the Old Testament is mandatory, but it is taught as legend and often used to push humanistic agendas. 

The need for a Messianic/Christian School was sealed in one Tel Aviv pastor’s heart, when his youngest daughter came home from school crying. She had been taught that day that God would only listen to her prayers on the Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).

Later, though still in elementary school, she was taught that King David and Jonathan had been gay lovers, and therefore homosexuality is permissible and acceptable. Our children are being taught in school not to believe in Yeshua (Jesus) and those who speak up are ostracized not just by their peers but also by adults.

We have an obligation to offer parents an alternative that encourages our children in their faith in Yeshua. As we look at the youth of today, many are choosing to "fit in" instead of choosing to follow their faith convictions. Will you partner with us in making a difference? Please help us bring hope to these parents as the next generation of young believers are raised in the Land of Israel.