The school has a robust business plan that will ensure the school remains operational into the future. If you would like a copy of our business plan, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Business plans are long and very detailed documents and for this reason we are providing the following summary for those who would like. 

The school will raise the operational budget for the first year in advance. This will guarantee that the school will successfully operate for one full year. During that first year, the school will charge tuition and continue to fund raise. These funds will be utilized only during the following year. This will ensure that the school continues to operate into the foreseeable future. 

Opening a full capacity school from day one would require more infrastructure and funding then we currently able to provide. As a result, we will begin the school with classes and add a new class every year until the school becomes a full capacity  elementary school. The first classes will be first and second grade. The following year another first grade class will be added. The Israeli Ministry of Education has used this methodology in pilot school programs that developed into full capacity schools.

In Order to open the school we need to raise: $125,000.